it strategy & execution

accelerator focus:

Enhancing IT capabilities across the enterprise. Equipped with the ideas and tested intelligence of fellow members, the IT Strategy & Execution Accelerator allows members to make faster decisions about and improvements to the delivery of IT services to their firms.


Established in 1997, our IT Strategy & Execution Accelerator welcomes deputy CIOs, IT strategists, and other senior executives charged with delivering improved IT practices and processes in large, complex organizations.

highlighted member practices:

  • Align Strategy and Culture: Embrace IT’s Various Cultures
  • Building an IT Brand: A Director of Marketing for IT
  • Improving IT Investment Decisions: Clearly Identifying IT Consumption
  • Not Bi-Modal − Adaptive: Agile Portfolio Management Requires an Adaptive Approach

recent discussion topics:

  • Unencumbering IT to Deliver Additional Value
  • Linking Business Strategies With Outcomes
  • Challenges in Demand Management
  • Aligning to Strategic Outcomes
  • Strategies for Delivery Effectiveness
  • Building an IT Brand and Value Proposition

upcoming meeting*:

The IT Workforce of the Future | July 11-13, 2017 | Chicago, IL
*By invitation only. For more information, please contact Shaw Lively at