infrastructure & operations

accelerator focus:

Improving the delivery of IT services to provide predictable, cost-effective performance that is responsive to the changing demands of our businesses. Members of this accelerator examine: processes that sustain high performance ahead of business demand; the evolution to service provisioning and alternative IT delivery (cloud, SaaS); infrastructure economics such as costing, metering, pricing and funding; approaches to measure, plan and predict the level of service required including metrics and analytics, and sustainability strategies.


The Infrastructure and Operations Accelerator established in 2007, is exclusively for companies running very large, highly complex infrastructure environments.

highlighted member practices:

  • Technical Debt: Visualizing the Cost of Legacy Tells the Story
  • Keeping Greenfield Environments Pure: Quarantine Apps Not Ready for Cloud
  • I&O Roadmapping: The London Tube Communicates Perspective on Complex Journey
  • Reducing Technical Debt: A Dedicated Forcing Function for Decommissioning

recent discussion topics:

  • Integration and Support Models in Today’s Landscape
  • Migrating, Integrating and Operating Apps To And In The Cloud
  • Simplification, Automation and Orchestration
  • Managing & Operating in the Cloud
  • Innovation and Change in I&O
  • Achieving Progress and Value From the New I&O

upcoming meeting*:

Enabling The Future Infrastructure | October 2-4, 2018 | Location TBD
*By invitation only. For more information, please contact Shaw Lively at