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ICEX Accelerators are cross-industry groups of business and IT professionals from non-competing companies sharing proven practices, approaches to common challenges, and insights on emerging issues and opportunities. Each Accelerator meets in-person three times per year, with virtual discussions and 1:1 exchanges in between. Members alone drive all topics, whether in-person, virtual or online.


ICEX provides a unique learning platform built on:

  • Trust: NO vendors, consultants, research analysts or competitors – all information is private and confidential to the participating companies.
  • Truth: Open and honest sharing of lessons learned, challenges, and emerging solutions.
  • Depth & Detail: Small group and interactive discussion allows for extensive Q&A and detail.
  • Relevance: Members choose the topics and send accountable senior leaders. Limited to 14 companies of similar complexity and scale.

ICEX is solely a facilitator, retains no rights to material shared, and has no ties to vendors nor does any consulting, publishing, or research.

the membership experience:

With a single annual fee, companies have corporate wide access to the following:

  • Industry Exclusivity: Maintain exclusive industry representation and restrict competitor companies from participation. First right of renewal each year.
  • In-Person Deep Dive & Exchange: Attend ICEX facilitated working sessions (up to three people per meeting, additional three on WebEx). Held three times per year, the agenda and content of these intensive discussions are developed collaboratively through individual planning sessions with each participating company.
  • Huddles: Participate in 90-minute virtual discussions requested by your company and/or other participating companies as needed (no restriction on number of attendees).
  • Guest Exchanges: Utilize guest exchange privileges to attend other ICEX Accelerator meetings (one visit per year per group); non-competitive limitations may apply.
  • Archived Meeting Content: Access all member contributed content and meeting summary notes through a secure login. (You determine the number of logins needed for your company.)
  • ICEX Connects: Interact directly with peers and/or pose specific questions to the entire member base. Anyone with a login can generate a query and engage in online discussions.
  • ICEX Visits: Visit (once a year) from ICEX principal to facilitate onsite internal meetings, discussions, or working sessions.
  • Travel Insurance: In the event of a member travel ban, ICEX will subsidize airfare and hotel for one person to attend each meeting.

For specific details on fees, terms and customized proposals, please contact Shaw Lively at

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