digital innovation

Creating and delivering business value through emerging technologies. Capitalizing on the ideas and collective intelligence of our peers, members of the Digital Innovation Accelerator speed up and improve the ways in which we identify, assess and harvest real value from new technology.


Established in 2001, our Digital Innovation Accelerator welcomes senior technology leaders, marketing executives and innovators who stimulate and drive change in complex organizations.

highlighted member practices:

  • Idea Endorsement: Stakeholder-Driven Innovation
  • Internal Incubator: Customer Solution Design
  • Innovation Metric: New Product Vitality Index (NPVI)
  • Innovation Funding: Top-Down Allocation & Bottom-Up Opportunity Selection
  • Partnerships: Funding Startups as Vendors

recent discussion topics:

  • Smart Machine & Blockchain Initiatives
  • New Models for Achieving and Managing Lasting, Widespread, Material Contribution to the Business
  • Interconnecting Emerging Digital Technologies
  • Linking Innovation, Strategy and the Digital Business
  • New Processes for Creating Disruptive Change
  • Game Changers: The Internet of Things

upcoming meeting*:

Linking Innovation With Strategy and Performance | June 5-7, 2017 | Dearborn, MI
*By invitation only. For more information, please contact Shaw Lively at