business innovation & incubation

accelerator focus:

Refining ways of achieving material contribution and accelerating bottom line impact from innovation across the enterprise. By sharing practical experience, lessons learned and approaches to common challenges, the Business Innovation & Incubation Accelerator allows members to increase innovation yield, efficiency and time to market, and enhance success.


Leaders responsible for delivering value from corporate innovation initiatives, such as:

  • Corporate innovation strategists (strategy and corporate development offices)
  • Leaders who stimulate and drive innovation culture
  • Chief Innovation Officers and staff

recent discussion topics:

  • Innovation Staffing and Talent Management
  • Accelerating Co-creation and Ecosystem Development
  • Successful Decision-Making Processes for Innovation Management
  • Driving Growth Beyond the Core

potential topics suggested:

  • Approaches for enhancing and managing disruptive innovation
  • Tactics and levers – venture investing, incubators, internal campaigns, etc.
  • Funding, staffing and coordinating core and disruptive initiatives
  • Securing executive buy-in, champions, sponsors, referees
  • Processes and tools – use cases, MVP, commercialization
  • Measuring and communicating results
  • Investment return - ROI and strategic value
  • Developing and sustaining culture
  • Innovation as a shared service

upcoming meeting*:

Scaling for Successful Innovation | December 5-6, 2023 | Atlanta, GA
*By invitation only. For more information, please contact Shaw Lively at

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