business innovation & incubation

accelerator overview:

Corporate innovation teams are tasked with achieving material contribution and accelerating bottom-line impact across the enterprise. The Business Innovation & Incubation accelerator was established in 2018 to refine innovation practices by sharing practical experience, lessons learned, and approaches to common challenges to increase yield and efficiency and enhance success.


The Business Innovation & Incubation accelerator welcomes members from large, legacy organizations with a complex innovation environment including:

  • Corporate innovation strategists from both strategy and corporate development offices
  • Leaders who stimulate and drive innovation culture
  • Chief Innovation Officers and leadership

recent discussion topics:

  • Scaling for Successful Innovation
  • Innovation Executed
  • Innovation 2.0: Reestablish, Redefine, and Re-Launch
  • Building & Enabling New Businesses
  • Engaging & Collaborating with External Partners for Better Innovation Outcomes

upcoming meeting*:

Go for the Gold: Leading Your Team to Innovative Impact | August 7-8, 2024 | Chicago, IL
*By invitation only. For more information, please contact Shaw Lively at

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