information & cyber security

accelerator overview:

From insider threats to criminal and state-sponsored cyber attacks, no organization today is immune from the potential of an information or cyber security breach. Established in 2012, the Information & Cyber Security accelerator enables security leaders to move beyond the day-to-day challenges to tackle issues such as continually assessing this rapidly changing domain, engaging with the C-suite and board, and investing wisely in people and tools, thereby positioning their organizations for secure and effective operations.


The Information & Cyber Security accelerator welcomes members from large, legacy organizations representing a wide spectrum of security disciplines including:

  • Asset Security
  • Engineering & Operations
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Network & System Monitoring

recent discussion topics:

  • Cyber Intelligence – Staying One Step Ahead
  • Security in the World of IoT
  • Security in a World of Interconnected Enterprises
  • Balancing the Needs for Organizational Speed & Security
  • The Future of Information Security in Today’s Organization
  • Strategies for Malware/Ransomware Attacks

upcoming meeting*:

Summer Call Series: Cloud Security Tools For… | August 16, 2024 | Virtual
*By invitation only. For more information, please contact Shaw Lively at

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