enterprise architecture

accelerator focus:

Members share how they are taking architecture to the next level of business contribution. They are re-casting architecture’s roles, organization structures, practices, proficiencies and approaches across a broad spectrum of stakeholders within and adjacent to their businesses.


Our Enterprise Architecture Accelerator welcomes EA leadership teams, who build, deliver and enhance enterprise architecture services at major, complex organizations.

highlighted member practices:

  • Visuals to Communicate:
    • Visuals Speak Clearly to Business
    • Speaking to the Correct Audience
    • Presenting a CapRat Example
  • Decommission as Part of the Lifecycle
  • Applying Data Science-Based Algorithmic Approach to Cost Management
  • Process Information Officers (PIOs) Break Down Siloes
  • Engaging Cross Boundary Teams Enhances Consumer Experience
  • Architecture added to IT Scorecard
  • A Model that Separates Durable from Non-Durable

recent discussion topics:

  • EA’s Role in Data and Information Architecture
  • New Engagement Models for EA
  • Leveraging Cloud and other Alternative Delivery Vehicles
  • Maximizing the Value of Business Architecture
  • App Portfolio Management and Architecture
  • Architecting in a Cost Constrained Environment

upcoming meeting*:

Digital Business and EA | April 30 – May 2, 2018 | Minneapolis, MN
*By invitation only. For more information, please contact Shaw Lively at slively@icex.com.