enterprise architecture

accelerator focus:

Members share how they are evolving the architecture function to enable innovation, agility and digital strategies while balancing the appropriate level of governance. They are re-casting architecture’s roles, engagement models and focus.


Our Enterprise Architecture Accelerator welcomes EA leadership teams, who build, deliver and enhance architecture services at major, complex organizations.

highlighted member practices:

  • Building an Agile Ecosystem
  • The Definition of a Digital Architect
  • Focusing EA on the Arrows Not The Boxes
  • Mapping API Taxonomies to Business Capabilities
  • Transforming to a Product Based Organization
  • Digital Principals: Cloud-Based, API-Based, Loosely-Coupled, Secure, Microservices
  • Decommission As Part Of A Lifecycle
  • Solid Core/Flex Edge/Adaptive Design
  • Empowering The People Who Live Closer To Decisions To Make Decisions

recent discussion topics:

  • Digital Business and EA
  • EA’s Role in Data and Information Architecture
  • New Engagement Models for EA
  • Leveraging Cloud and other Alternative Delivery Vehicles
  • Maximizing the Value of Business Architecture
  • App Portfolio Management and Architecture

upcoming meeting*:

New Engagement Models (For The Distributed Business) | Sept 12-14, 2018 | Denver, CO
*By invitation only. For more information, please contact Shaw Lively at slively@icex.com.