For more than a decade, ICEX has facilitated intellectual capital exchanges for cross industry groups of large, complex companies. Working in communities built around areas of common interest, executives share their experience and proven practices to solve problems, navigate turbulence and accelerate results.

Member companies founded and fund these communities to create an environment of uncompromised confidentiality and trust free of vendors, consultants, media, and competitors.

Members set the agenda, contribute insights and advice, and share hard earned experience on complex issues that help them lead change within their own companies.

By joining ICEX exchanges, you join:

Aetna Air Products Altria AT&T Cargill Catalent Pharma Chevron Coca-Cola DuPont Equifax FedEx Ford HCA Healthcare Honeywell Hyundai Ventures Lockheed Martin Lowe's Marriott Medtronic Merck Motorola Solutions Optum P&G Quintiles Raytheon Staples Syngenta Ventures Time Warner UPS Waste Management and many others.

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