it workforce of the future

accelerator focus:

Digital transformation, IoT, agile, cloud and other new IT strategies require new workforce skills and strategies. Layers of change and the pace of change make it difficult to forecast the resources and skills needed to enable the future. Members are both building strategic IT workforce initiatives and ensuring existing workforce strategies are more than just words on paper.


Founded in 2017, this new Accelerator welcomes both senior IT teams tackling the workforce challenges, and their strategic HR partners.

recent discussion topics:

  • Transforming IT Talent to Enable New Business Strategies
  • The Life Cycle of Future IT Talent
  • Organizational Readiness for the Future
  • 2018 IT Workforce Initiatives

potential topics suggested:

  • Approaches To Identifying Key Roles of the Future
  • Models That Estimate the Workforce (Skills and FTEs) Needed to Execute Strategic Plans
  • Having a Skills Inventory and Skill Gap Analysis Efforts
  • Education Programs for Skills that are Sunsetting
  • The Changing Global Footprint of the IT Workforce
  • Creating a Strategic Workforce Initiative
  • Culture Change Required To Be Successful In This Effort

upcoming meeting*:

Aligning IT Workforce Capabilities with Business Needs | July 17-18, 2019 | Dallas, TX
*By invitation only. For more information, please contact Shaw Lively at