corporate innovation

accelerator focus:

Refining ways of achieving material contribution and accelerating bottom line impact from innovation across the enterprise. By sharing practical experience, lessons learned and approaches to common challenges, the Corporation Innovation Accelerator allows members to increase innovation yield, efficiency and time to market, and enhance success.


Leaders responsible for delivering value from corporate innovation initiatives, such as:

  • Corporate innovation strategists (strategy and corporate development offices)
  • Leaders who stimulate and drive innovation culture
  • Chief Innovation Officers and staff

recent discussion topics:

  • Innovation Staffing and Talent Management
  • Accelerating Co-creation and Ecosystem Development
  • Successful Decision-Making Processes for Innovation Management
  • Driving Growth Beyond the Core

potential topics suggested:

  • Approaches for enhancing and managing disruptive innovation
  • Tactics and levers – venture investing, incubators, internal campaigns, etc.
  • Funding, staffing and coordinating core and disruptive initiatives
  • Securing executive buy-in, champions, sponsors, referees
  • Processes and tools – use cases, MVP, commercialization
  • Measuring and communicating results
  • Investment return – ROI and strategic value
  • Developing and sustaining culture
  • Innovation as a shared service

upcoming meeting*:

Doing New Things in Established Companies with Proven Business Models | August 4-5, 2021 | Virtual Meeting
*By invitation only. For more information, please contact Shaw Lively at